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Why Get A Pardon/Record Suspension

For some of those with a Canadian criminal record, it might not be obvious why they need a pardon/record suspension. However, as we’ll take a look at here, not only is getting a pardon for your criminal record useful, but in some situations it is absolutely necessary.

Applying For Jobs

Consider this. You’ve decided to apply for a new job. You have all of the qualifications for the position, yet there’s one thing that can keep you from obtaining a job that you are otherwise fully qualified for: your criminal record. No matter how seemingly harmless your offenses may have been, they can still keep your from getting a job.

Divorce and Custody

Another situation that may apply to some is that of divorce and custody matters. Even if you are an excellent parent with a steady job and housing, having even the most minor criminal record in Canada can keep you from getting custody or even visitation rights.


There’s also the issue of immigration. If you are an immigrant to Canada and have a criminal record, you will be rejected for refugee status or citizenship, more often than not.


Not only that, but getting an apartment or house with a Canadian criminal record can also be extremely difficult, if not impossible. Landlords who see that you have a criminal record will often not want to rent to you–or may require a higher deposit.


Educational opportunities–such as admission to college or trade school–will also be limited with a criminal record in Canada, as standard admission forms ask if you have a criminal record of any kind. Likewise, volunteer work is also difficult to get accepted for with a Canadian criminal record.

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These are just some of the many scenarios that can come about where having a criminal pardon or suspension of your criminal record is essential. Why not take the step to get your criminal pardon or suspension by contacting us today?

Did you know?

If you were convicted of a crime in another country and transferred back to Canada under the Transfer of Offenders act, you can apply to have your criminal record suspended. Fill out the form on the right to get started on your record suspension with Pardons & Waivers Canada.